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A Battery-Powered Cutter Makes Marble Cutting Simple

The use of battery-powered marble cutters is an exciting method to spice up any marble-cutting endeavor. Large blocks of marble may be carved fast and easily using these tools. They may be used in a variety of contexts, which expands their potential applications. In this Bolg, we are going to introduce what is battery powered marble cutter and the cutter products that Dong Cheng Tools provides.

Specific Introduction to Battery Powered Marble Cutter

To trim away extra marble from a finished carving, a marble cutter is employed. The surplus marble is chopped away by two sets of blades that revolve in opposite directions inside the cutter. The battery-operated scissors only need one hand to use. They’re lightweight too, making them easy to transport.

The Battery-Operated Marble Cutter by DongCheng Tools

Here are the features of DongCheng Tools‘ battery powered marble cutter below:

  1. More durability, longer life, no iron loss, and smaller size are just some of the benefits of switching to a brushless motor.
  2. Motor is strong, with a maximum speed of 9500 rpm and output power of 800W AC.
  3. Adjustable to a maximum depth of 1 5/8″, the cutting depth may be set to suit the task at hand.
  4. Miniature and easy to transport, it allows for more efficient cutting by applying parallel force when held in one hand.
  5. Bevel cutting angel: 0–45 degree bevel cutting angle adjustment, fulfilling cutting demands at a wide range of angles.
  6. Locking the switch with a single key eliminates any possibility of accidental activation.
  7. An efficient cooling system with a large cooling port diameter ensures continuous running with no overheating.


The 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Marble Cutter DCZE125 is a simple way to add some marble-cutting magic to your projects. As compared to more conventional tools like saws and chisels, this one requires nothing in the way of cleanup and produces clean cuts every time. The 20V MAX Brushless Cordless Marble Cutter DCZE125 is ideal whether you’re making custom pieces or simply need a fast solution to a problem.

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