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Convenient and User-Friendly Polestar Heat Pump Systems by Shenling

With features such as wired controllers, simple program upgrades, and a compact design, Shenling’s Polestar heat pump systems are user-friendly and efficient. Experience intuitive controls and hassle-free operation with Shenling’s top-quality systems.

Wired Controller with Advanced Features

Shenling‘s Polestar heat pump systems come with a wired controller that offers advanced features for enhanced convenience. The controller includes Wi-Fi functionality, allowing users to control the system remotely. It also supports SD card program upgrades, ensuring easy system updates. With a colorized LCD touch screen and a slim 14mm design, the wired controller provides a user-friendly interface and a sleek appearance.

Simple Program Upgrades

Shenling’s Polestar heat pump systems enable simple program upgrades for both the indoor and outdoor units. Users can easily update the system’s program by connecting a laptop and a micro USB cable. This streamlined process ensures that the system stays up to date with the latest features and optimizations, providing efficient and reliable operation.


Shenling’s Polestar heat pump systems offer convenience and user-friendly operation for heating and cooling requirements. With a wired controller that supports advanced features and simple program upgrades, these systems provide intuitive controls and easy maintenance.

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