Efficient Heat Exchange for Year-Round Comfort: The Shenling Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps revolutionize household heating and cooling. Shenling is a leading air source heat pump producer known for its creative and durable products. Let’s see how a Shenling air source heat pump can improve your home’s comfort.

Outdoor Unit: Heat Absorption and Transfer

The external unit drives heat exchange in the Shenling air source heat pump. Even in freezing weather, the outside device absorbs atmospheric heat. Shenling’s unique heat absorption technology lets the heat pump work in many conditions. The refrigerant in the system becomes high-pressure when the exterior unit absorbs heat. The compressor compresses and heats the refrigerant, enabling this process.

Indoor Unit: Heating for Comfort

The Shenling air source heat pump’s indoor unit receives pressurized and heated refrigerant through refrigerant lines. Heat produced from the interior unit warms your home. Refrigerant phase changes in the interior unit release heat energy. A fan or blower evenly distributes this heat energy throughout your home. The interior unit’s fan or blower circulates air around your home.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Energy efficiency is a Shenling air source heat pump benefit. Heat pumps use outdoor air heat to generate a lot of heating or cooling for each unit of electricity. This reduces energy bills and environmental impact. Shenling’s environmental sustainability goes beyond energy efficiency. They prefer refrigerants with less ozone layer and global warming potential. Shenling air source heat pumps reduce your carbon footprint, helping the environment.

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