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Exploring NewStar: Your Premier Supplier for Tow Hitch Bike Racks for Dual Bicycle Transport

For businesses in the United States that require efficient transportation solutions for outdoor and recreational equipment, tow hitch bike racks have become an essential accessory. NewStar has stepped forward as one of the great tow hitch bike rack 2 bikes suppliers, offering robust and versatile products tailored to the needs of commercial clients. Their racks are designed to accommodate the transportation of dual bicycles with ease and security, making them a preferred choice for Amazon e-commerce sellers, brand merchants, and offline hardware stores. This article highlights the features and benefits of NewStar‘s tow hitch bike racks for 2 bikes and their value as a supplier in the commercial sector.

Versatility in Design: NewStar’s Tow Hitch Bike Racks for 2 Bikes

NewStar’s tow hitch bike rack 2 bikes are crafted with a smart tilting mechanism that provides businesses with the flexibility to access the rear of their vehicles without hassle, even when loaded with bicycles. The folding carry arms are another innovative feature that allows for easy storage when the rack is not in use, demonstrating NewStar’s commitment to creating user-friendly and space-efficient solutions.

Durability and Security: The Hallmarks of NewStar’s Tow Hitch Bike Racks

Built with heavy-duty materials, NewStar’s tow hitch bike racks for 2 bikes ensure the secure transport of bicycles. The U-shaped steel carry arms and anti-sway cradles provide a stable base, while safety straps protect the bicycles and the vehicle’s paintwork during transit. These features reflect NewStar’s dedication to offering durable and secure tow hitch bike racks that meet the high standards of commercial clients.

Universal Compatibility and Capacity: Why Businesses Choose NewStar as Their Tow Hitch Bike Racks Supplier

NewStar’s tow hitch bike racks are compatible with a variety of vehicle hitch sizes, making them a versatile choice for businesses with different types of transport needs.   The racks are constructed with reinforced steel, capable of handling the weight of two bicycles with ease, showcasing their impressive capacity. This makes NewStar a go-to supplier for businesses that seek a reliable and sturdy tow hitch bike rack for 2 bikes.


NewStar has established itself as a premier supplier of tow hitch bike racks for 2 bikes, providing commercial clients with innovative, durable, and secure transportation solutions. Their racks are designed to offer versatility, ease of use, and the capacity needed to handle the demands of business operations. By choosing NewStar as their supplier, businesses can expect a product that enhances their service offerings and ensures the safe and efficient transport of dual bicycles. Experience the difference that NewStar’s tow hitch bike racks can make for your business’s transport needs.

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