Golden Card Betting – Tips and Techniques for Betting to Win Big

Currently, football betting odds New88 is a quite exciting and unique topic, attracting a large number of bettors to participate. In football, there are many different types of betting odds, including the super hot form of yellow card betting in the world.
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What is yellow card betting? 

In exciting football matches, yellow cards have become an important part of online betting. The name “yellow card bet” not only refers to the image of the referee drawing a card, but also to the opportunity to win big in tense moments. 

From handicap to over/under to even/odd, each type of betting brings a sweet, thrilling feeling every time the ball rolls on the field. Therefore, it has become a new ‘playground’ for online betting lovers. 

Types of “super hot” yellow card bets today

The yellow card bet sounds simple but it brings thrilling moments in the world of soccer betting. Behind each choice is a different, exciting experience.

  • Handicap yellow card: Bet on the tense moments when the referee draws the card. The dealer will set a handicap, you will predict the number of cards above or below that level. Don’t forget, only count cards for players on the field!
  • Over/under yellow cards: You predict the total number of yellow cards will be more or less than the house expected. Feeling the excitement of many foul situations? The door is calling you. Believe in a healthy match? The faint door is opening its arms wide.
  • Yellow card parity: Simple, easy to play, extremely attractive winning rate. You choose whether the number of yellow cards in the whole match will end with an even or odd number. Furthermore, you have the right to choose each round or the whole match.
  • First and last yellow cards: A challenge for bettors who love fun! Bet on the first and last minute that the referee decides to draw a card. A suitable choice for those who do not want to watch the whole match but still want to experience betting. 

How to calculate winnings in yellow card bets

Yellow cards are only considered within a football match. It is important that only yellow cards that the referee gives to players on the field are included in the bet. Note, yellow cards for coaches or substitute players will not be counted. Each yellow card will be equivalent to one point. This helps gamers easily evaluate and predict match results, improving their chances of winning.

Winning calculations in yellow card bets are based on the basic formula: 

Winning amount = Golden card odds x Bet amount.

For example: Suppose, you bet with odds of 0.85 and the bet amount is 100,000 VND. Then the winning amount you receive will be: Winning amount = 0.85 x 100,000 = 85,000 VND. The final result, the amount you will receive when you win will be 100,000 + 85,000 = 185,000 VND. 

Things you need to keep in mind when playing yellow card betting 

When you bet, you don’t just put your faith in luck. To maximize your chances of winning, pay attention to the following points:

  • One of the most important factors when predicting yellow cards is the referee. 
  • Not only the referee, the players also decide a lot about the number of cards in the match. 
  • Equip yourself with solid knowledge about the match. From the fighting formation, the applied tactics, to the health situation of each player, every small detail can decide whether you win the bet or not. Are not. 

Experiences in betting on unbeaten yellow cards 

Once you step into the world of betting, you not only need a brave soul but also need to equip yourself with know-how and skills. Here are useful tips from leading experts:
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Make sure you have analyzed the match thoroughly

Before each match, make sure you have “read” it. Especially with matches taking place in Europe, the severity of the referee is always something to be concerned about. Don’t forget to consider the yellow card rate of recent matches and especially players with aggressive playing styles, they are often good candidates for yellow cards.

There are accurate assessments for each player

The spirit and playing style of each player can determine the number of yellow cards in the match. Please “carefully observe” their soul and style to make the most accurate prediction.

Choose a reasonable match

A prestigious match often hides many secrets and attractive odds. Make sure you have enough information before deciding to bet.

Make a smart assessment of “Odds.”

High odds are not necessarily good. Sometimes, a high odds can hide a big risk. Analyze carefully and consider every step you take.

Understanding the referee is one of the deciding factors

Refereeing is always a mystery. To decode them, learn about their past through previous matches. The football forum is a “treasure” that helps you learn about their psychology and playing style.

Always be flexible

Nothing is impossible in betting. When you feel like you need to change your mind, listen to yourself.


Above is the basic information of yellow card bet– one of the popular bet types today. To win big and become a top gamer, continuously learning and honing skills is indispensable. Hopefully the above article will be the key to help you unlock victory. Wishing you a successful betting season!

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