How to choose the best business card paper

The most important decision you make when designing business cards is paper selection. Your business cards should reflect your personality and the business you offer to clients. The right balance between professionalism and personality is important.

This quick guide will show you how to select the best paper for your business cards.

Basics Business Cards Paper Basics

The lingo of business cards and paper can be confusing if you’re new to the process. Trust us, we get it.

What exactly is 100-pound glossy or 14-point card stock? We’ll explain these terms and show you how they can be used for business cards.

100-Pound Glossy

The 100-pound glossy paper that is used for business cards is often considered the most affordable. The 100-pound glossy stock paper is great if you need to print a lot of cards at a low price.

Businesses often use this option to leave cards in their local communities for potential customers to pick them up. The 100-pound glossy stock can be considered unprofessional for personal business cards.

14-Point and 16-Point Cardstock

Cardstock’s point refers to its thickness. The most commonly used sizes of cardstock for business cards are 14- and 16-point.

These options are subtle but clearly different. The 14-point option is thinner and more affordable, making it an attractive cost-effective choice. The 16-point is slightly thicker and offers a professional, refined feel.

Upgrade to Luxury Cardstock

You can see the difference between 14- and 16-point business cards paper stock in luxury thicknesses. You can print your business cards on either 18- or 32-point cardstock for a slightly higher price.

These stock thickness options can be luxury options, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to make a decision. Consider what your card should say about you.

Your clients may be impressed by your luxury card if you are a top-end hairdresser. A fancy card might seem exclusive if you are a local mechanic.

Kraft 18-Point Cardstock

Kraft cardstock can be recycled 100%. These business cards are printed on eco-friendly paper and look great when paired with white ink.

These cards are a great option if you care about sustainability. These cards reduce your carbon footprint and signal to customers that your company is committed to environmental stewardship.

Glossary, Designs, and Other

You can make your business cards stand apart by adding extra paper to your standard paper.

Uncoated options let you feel the natural fibers of the paper. They don’t glare at all.

All sizes of business cards paper stock are covered in gloss and have a variety of design options. Semi-gloss adds professionalism to your cards without creating too many glares.

Your business cards will look luxurious with the pearlescent or linen option. Your business cards will stand out with unique designs and gilded borders. This will make a lasting impression on your customers.

Your business cards can be yours. Adobe’s business card app lets you choose your business card paper, coating and design options.

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The business card paper is only one aspect of running a successful business. You can also check out our other posts to find more information today.

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