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Ledman Smart Education Display Solutions for Interactive Teaching

Ledman offers a comprehensive range of education display solutions, including interactive board for teaching, designed to enhance learning efficiency and create an engaging learning environment. Ledman‘s smart education display solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of classrooms and educational settings, promoting collaboration, interactive learning, and effective content presentation.

Intelligent Interactive Teaching Functions

Ledman’s education display solutions utilize Full Touch UHD COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, providing teachers with a larger display space to present their content effectively. The display supports real-time annotation and highlighting of courseware, allowing teachers to create notes with a single click and share them with students instantly. With screen split function, multiple students can write simultaneously, fostering collaboration and engagement.

Sound Pickup and Amplification System

To ensure clear and crisp audio in the classroom, Ledman’s education display solutions include a professional sound pickup and amplification system. This system effectively suppresses whistling and eliminates echoes, ensuring that the teacher’s voice is projected accurately to every corner of the classroom. With enhanced audio quality, students can fully engage in the lesson, leading to better comprehension and retention of the subject matter.


Ledman’s smart education display solutions revolutionize teaching through the integration of interactive boards and advanced technology. With intelligent interactive teaching functions, such as full touch UHD COB technology, real-time annotation, and screen split capabilities, Ledman’s education display solutions promote engagement, collaboration, and effective content presentation. The inclusion of a sound pickup and amplification system ensures clear audio throughout the classroom, while the intelligent camera tracking system enhances teaching efficiency. Embrace Ledman’s smart education display solutions and transform your classroom into an interactive and engaging learning environment that fosters effective teaching and meaningful student participation.

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