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NewStar: Meeting the Demand for Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Carriers with Ramps for Wheelchairs in the US Market

In the US market, the demand for hitch-mounted aluminum carriers with ramps for wheelchairs is on the rise. NewStar, a leading brand in the industry, has successfully met this demand with their innovative and reliable product offerings. In this article, we will explore how NewStar fulfills the needs of customers in the US market seeking a high-quality and convenient solution for transporting wheelchairs securely.


High-Quality Aluminum Construction

NewStar understands the importance of durability and reliability when it comes to hitch-mounted aluminum carriers with ramps for wheelchairs. That’s why they prioritize using high-quality aluminum in the construction of their carriers. The aluminum material offers exceptional strength while remaining lightweight, allowing for easy installation and maneuverability. This ensures that NewStar’s carriers can withstand the demands of transportation while providing a secure and stable platform for wheelchair users.

User-Friendly Ramp Design

NewStar’s hitch-mounted carriers feature a user-friendly ramp design that prioritizes convenience and safety. The ramps are intelligently designed with the perfect incline and width, ensuring smooth and hassle-free loading and unloading of wheelchairs. They are also equipped with anti-slip surfaces to provide additional traction and security. NewStar’s commitment to user-friendly designs ensures that wheelchair users and their caregivers can easily access the carrier without any unnecessary challenges or risks.

Secure and Reliable Transportation

NewStar recognizes the importance of secure and reliable transportation for wheelchairs. Their hitch-mounted carriers are designed with sturdy tie-down points and straps to keep the wheelchair securely in place during transit. This eliminates the worry of shifting or damage during transportation, providing peace of mind to users. NewStar’s carriers are built to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for wheelchair users.


NewStar,a reputable manufacturer of hitch-mounted aluminum carriers with ramps for wheelchairs, has successfully met the demand for hitch-mounted aluminum carriers with ramps for wheelchairs in the US market. With their high-quality construction, user-friendly ramp design, and focus on secure transportation, NewStar offers an ideal solution for customers seeking a reliable and convenient way to transport wheelchairs with ease and confidence.

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