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NPC-LCD2707-K: Unleashing Productivity and Immersion in Gaming

NPC‘s commitment to delivering innovative and high-performance monitors extends to their latest offering, the NPC-LCD2707-K. This 27-inch LCD gaming monitor is crafted to meet the needs of both professional environments and gaming enthusiasts.   With its outstanding features, such as an IPS panel, superior color accuracy, and lightning-fast response time, the NPC-LCD2707-K guarantees an exceptional visual experience in office work, professional design, and gaming.

Crystal-Clear Display with IPS Panel Technology

At the core of NPC-LCD2707-K is a TFT-LCD panel utilizing IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. The 27-inch display provides a spacious view for effortless multitasking and creative work. Boasting a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9, the monitor delivers sharp image quality and vibrant visuals, enabling users to enjoy crisp details and accurate color reproduction.

Ultra-Fast Response Time and High Refresh Rate for Gaming

For gaming enthusiasts, the NPC-LCD2707-K excels with its remarkable response time of 1 ms (+OD). This lightning-fast response eliminates motion blur and ghosting, allowing gamers to enjoy smooth and seamless gameplay without distractions.       Combined with the impressive refresh rate of 165Hz, the NPC-LCD2707-K ensures every frame is rendered with exceptional precision, providing a competitive edge to gamers by reducing input lag and enhancing responsiveness.

Color Precision and Immersive Visuals

NPC places a strong emphasis on color accuracy, and the NPC-LCD2707-K is no exception.  With a color quantity of 16.7 million (8-bit) and a color gamut of 72% NTSC, the monitor produces rich and lifelike hues.  Whether you’re working on intricate design projects or exploring breathtaking game worlds, the NPC-LCD2707-K faithfully reproduces colors, ensuring your visuals appear vibrant and true to life.


The NPC-LCD2707-K stands as a powerful and versatile display solution that caters to the needs of professionals and gamers alike.  With its exceptional IPS panel, rapid response time, high refresh rate, and accurate color reproduction, this LCD monitor offers users an unparalleled visual experience.

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