Perfect Solution for Power Supply: Alternator Made by EvoTec Power

Whether on board a ship or in a factory, in an emergency power supply firm, or on a manufacturing assembly line, EvoTec Power’s high performance alternator is the perfect solution for every situation where power needs to be generated quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Comprehensive and high-quality product line

EvoTec Power’s alternators cover the power range from 300 kVA up to 6000 kVA and are suitable for all applications. The range includes high and low-voltage alternators and industry-specific DC generators, including marine DC generators.

EvoTec Power’s products are of outstanding quality, with excellent performance and stable operation, even under extremely harsh environmental conditions. Other outstanding features include low maintenance costs, low vibration levels, and low noise levels.

A trusted manufacturer

With decades of experience in manufacturing high-performance alternators, EvoTec Power is a technological pioneer par excellence in the global market.

Users get high-quality equipment or systems that they can rely on to achieve high electrical output. Over the years, EvoTec Power’s high performance alternators have been recognized by many customers in the global market. Many alternators produced by EvoTec Power are reliably generating electricity all over the world. Thanks to EvoTec Power’s many years of experience operating in these markets, EvoTec Power has developed a very wide range of alternator products.

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