Play phom cards – Basic ways to play phom cards for gamers

Play phom cards Super fun and interesting because it’s easy to play and very popular. Phom card game is a familiar style that often appears at large gatherings. This game is fun, has many penalties and can earn big prizes. Follow this article to learn how to play basic phom.

Learn about Phom

New88 today Bai Phom is also known by other names such as Bai Ta La, Bai U in Vietnam. This article appeared from Bac Ninh in the late twentieth century. Many people believe that the Phom playing style originates from the familiar To Tom card game.

Phom cards are familiar in gatherings

However, formplay Phom cards will use the Tu Kho Lo deck, also known as the 52-card Western card. The gameplay will be more modern but also extremely special and new. If you are bored with playing Tien Len and Blackjack, you can try playing Phom at New88 also very interesting.

Play basic Phom cards

How to play Phom is super simple and any player can participate. To know the most basic way to play, you need to know the following:

How to play basic Phom cards

Deck of cards and players

  • To play this game, players only need to use 52 cards, not Joker cards.
  • In this game, there needs to be a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 4 people.

Phom card playing information

  • In the deck, there will be cards in order from smallest to largest: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. In which, card A is seen. highest, counted as 1 point. The largest K card is counted as 13 points.
  • The card suit will also have 4 suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Diamonds and Spades. In this game, it doesn’t matter too much whether the suit is big or small, just the same suit is enough.

Dealing of cards and rules goes first

  • Each player will be dealt 9 cards, and whoever plays first will be dealt an additional card of 10.
  • Whoever holds 10 cards will play the first card without drawing cards.
  • For the following games, whoever won the previous game will be dealt 10 cards to have the right to go first.

Phom card playing rules

In this game, participants need to compete with each other. The person who creates the most, highest and fastest phom will win. The remaining people will be counted as losers, without needing to classify them as second, third and last.

Fighting rules Phom

Types of phom

In the card there will be types of phom that can be arranged from the cards as follows:

  • Three cards: That means there are three cards with the same number. For example, three 2’s, three 3’s,…
  • Four cards: Can be understood as four cards of the same number. For example, there are four 5s, four 6s,…
  • Straight: Means there are 3 or more cards of consecutive value, requiring the cards to be of the same suit.
  • Odd cards: That is, cards that cannot form the phoms mentioned above.
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Rules for playing Phom cards

  • After receiving the dealt cards, players begin to arrange them to form phom.
  • The player with 10 cards will play first, dropping any card that cannot create phom.
  • The next player (same or opposite direction) will draw cards from the middle set. Then arrange the cards to create a phom and then continue to drop an odd card.
  • Round of playplay Phom cardsContinue until there is a player who creates phom first. That person wins and the rest don’t count.
  • During the process of playing phom, players have the right to take cards from those who have played them before. However, it can only be taken when the card you are about to create is phom. For example, if you have two 3s in your hand, and there is one card missing from the table, then pick it up.

Ending cases

In addition to someone successfully creating phom, there will be additional cases where the lesson ends as follows:

  • When all the cards in the middle are drawn, the game is considered over. The result at this time will be whoever has more phom will win, whoever has less phom will lose.
  • The case ends when two or more people have enough phom. At this point, we will compare phom, whoever is higher will win, whoever is lower will lose. Compare phoms based on the order stated in the article information section.
  • In case play Phom cards If a player has just finished dealing the cards and has 3 phoms, it is considered a white win and a win. If two people eat white, they will still calculate who has higher phom.
  • In case at the end and no one has phom, the card scoring will begin. The way to calculate is to add all the cards you have together. The person with the lower score will win, the person with the higher score will lose.


Hopefully after our article you can play Phom cards easier anywhere. Because this is a general rule at all playing locations, you can refer to it. Choose to play and practice more in the online arena New88 to have the experience of winning.

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