Summary What is Throw-in Betting? 3 Popular Forms of Betting

Throw-in bet is a type of bet played in the form of predicting the total number of throw-ins. Unlike other types of side bets, throw-in bets have a simple way to play, do not require much capital, suitable for rookies with little “rice”. Together New889blue Learn about this attractive type of bet!

Learn what the concept of throw-in betting is?

Throw-in bets are a type of side bet in soccer betting. This is a bet determined based on the total number of throw-ins of the two teams, to decide which side of the bet wins or loses.

Betting is very simple, players just need to rely on the principles of football competition regulations. The house will base its decision on each throw-in case in the match. The moment the ball flies out of bounds and touches a player from any team, the other team will win the right to throw in.

Throw-in is also one of the ways used to restart the match. So, types throw-in bet Used a lot in soccer betting. Each bookmaker will usually divide this type of bet into many different forms, depending on economic conditions or level, the bettor chooses the appropriate type of bet.

Summary of the 3 most popular forms of throw-in betting

Throw-in bets have many variations. The following are the 3 most popular bets used by bookmakers New88 synthetic.

Asian handicap throw-in odds

Asian Handicap is probably too familiar to bettors who are passionate about soccer. In this form, players will bet on the upper or lower team. In addition, you can also choose to bet at any time of the match.

The form of Asian throw-in odds is quite simple, depending on the judgment ability of each player. Based on the total number of throw-ins of the two teams, you will win if your bet has a higher number of throw-ins than the handicap.

Throw-in odds handicap over/under

Over/under throw-in bets have the same gameplay as common forms of over/under betting, typically: Betting on goals, penalty cards, score or corner kicks. For this form, players will have to predict the total number of throw-ins in the first half, second half or the entire match.

For throw-in bet In this case, the bookmakers will provide general comments and some basic information for players to rely on. The choice of over or under will depend on the ability of each player making the prediction.

Bet on which team the throw-in will be on

Unlike other types of bets, throwing throw-in bets on which team depends entirely on luck. This form of betting is considered difficult to play, because players cannot make judgments and can only choose based on their luck.

To participate, you just need to make a choice between the home team or the away team. With a short playing time, this form of bet can end as soon as the match has just started about 20 minutes.

Some notes when playing throw-in bets

Besides the forms of betting, what attracts many people’s attention are the basic notes when wanting to play throw-in betting well. So what are these notes? See more information below!

Betting time

In throw-in bet Bettors will have 3 time points to choose from, which are: 1st half, 2nd half and full match. To put it simply, if you choose to bet on the first throw-in for the entire match, the bet will continue until one team gets the first throw-in. Likewise with rounds 1 and 2.

The throw-in is considered valid

When is a throw-in considered valid is a question that many brothers worry about when they come to it throw-in bet. Below are some conditions that are considered valid in football.

  • If the throw is wrong, both the wrong throw and the re-throw are counted.
  • Throw-in bets are only counted in the main innings, not extra innings.
  • Throw-ins from the edge of the field count.

Note: To play the bet well, you should refer to basic information and football rules to ensure you have a firm grasp of important information, avoiding mistakes and causing unfortunate losses.

The above article is all information about throw-in bet and notes surrounding this type of bet. If you have any questions about soccer betting, don’t hesitate to visit the bookmaker New88 to learn about the rules of betting as well as football betting tips from experts!

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