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Techking’s MATE : Redefining Wheel Loader Tires

Techking, a renowned name in the mining and construction tire industry, is setting new standards with its groundbreaking MATE E3L3 wheel loader tire. This innovative tire is poised to transform the wheel loader segment with its cutting-edge features and unwavering commitment to excellence.

 A Deeper Tread for Extended Lifespan

The MATE E3L3 distinguishes itself with a remarkable +7% deeper original tread depth compared to conventional designs. This significant depth extension is available for sizes 20.5R25 and 23.5R25, making it suitable for a wide range of wheel loader applications.

Enhanced Controllability for Challenging Environments

Techking’s MATE E3L3 doesn’t stop at tread depth; it redefines controllability. With a specialized traction pattern designed specifically for loader applications, this tire offers unmatched stability and control, even in the most demanding work environments.

Unmatched Durability

What sets the MATE E3L3 apart is not only its tread depth but also its specialized tread formula. This formula enhances wearing resistance performance, ensuring that these tires endure the harshest conditions and heavy workloads.

Techking’s Ongoing Pursuit of Excellence

Techking Tires has consistently aimed to revolutionize the mining and construction tire sector. The MATE E3L3 is a testament to their commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


The MATE E3L3 from Techking Tires is not just a tire; it’s a statement. With its deeper tread, advanced traction patterns, and superior durability, it’s leading the way in the wheel loader tire industry. Techking’s dedication to innovation and excellence continues to drive progress, making the MATE E3L3 a tire that redefines the future of wheel loader tires.

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