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The Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade: Horow’s Luxurious Toilet Bowl with Bidet Bliss

Upgrade your bathroom experience with Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet, a perfect blend of personalized comfort and intelligent cleaning features. Designed with your utmost comfort in mind, the Horow T10 features an elongated bowl design and four adjustable settings for the heated seat temperature. With its innovative bidet functionality, this toilet bowl offers an unparalleled level of cleanliness and convenience.

Personalized Comfort for a Luxurious Experience

Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet prioritizes your comfort with its elongated bowl design and customizable heated seat settings. The elongated bowl provides extra space and a more ergonomic seating position, ensuring a comfortable experience every time you use the toilet. Additionally, the four adjustable settings for the heated seat temperature allow you to find the perfect level of warmth, providing a luxurious and personalized experience.

Intelligent Cleaning Features for Unmatched Hygiene

Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet goes beyond traditional toilets by offering intelligent cleaning features. The bidet functionality provides a gentle and effective cleansing experience, eliminating the need for toilet paper and promoting better hygiene. With adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, you can customize the cleaning process to suit your preferences, ensuring a thorough and comfortable cleanse.

Streamlined Design and Easy Installation

In addition to its comfort and cleaning features, Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet boasts a streamlined design that seamlessly integrates into any bathroom decor. The sleek and modern appearance enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom while providing advanced functionality. Installation is also hassle-free, ensuring a smooth and straightforward process to enjoy the benefits of this intelligent toilet bowl.


Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet offers a luxurious and hygienic bathroom experience. The personalized comfort provided by the elongated bowl design and adjustable heated seat settings ensures a truly indulgent moment. The intelligent cleaning features, including the bidet functionality, elevate your hygiene routine to a whole new level. With its streamlined design and easy installation, Horow’s toilet bowl with bidet brings together style, comfort, and functionality. Upgrade your bathroom and embrace the unmatched comfort and intelligent cleaning of the Horow T10 today.

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