Top 5 Best Indian Franchise Ideas

Franchising refers to a business relationship in which one party can sell products from another company through a Franchise Agreement. This is a marketing strategy that companies use to expand their business.

5 Franchise Opportunities to Beat the Competition


Patanjali, the fastest growing brand founded in 2006 by Baba Ramdev & Balkrishna, is a household name with outlets in both urban and rural areas. It began with herbal and Ayurvedic products. Later, it expanded into beauty and health products.

Patanjali, a Haridwar-based business, has a revenue of 30,000 Crores. All you need to open a Patanjali franchise is 500 square feet and a 7 Lakh investment.


Indian retail corporation, Dmart, operates a chain hypermarkets that were founded in 2002 by Radhakishan damani. It is a one-stop shop that sells a wide variety of products at affordable prices.

D’Mart, headquartered in Mumbai, is a highly profitable company with a revenue figure of 24,930 crores. It provides products at great value to its customers. Dmart franchise costs 25,000 plus any additional charges and an investment amount of 1.5 crores for a 4000 square foot floor. You can click here for more information if you are a wholesale supplier or a hardware shop.


KFC, an American fast food chain founded in 1930 by Colonel Sanders and Pete Harman, is the second-largest in the world after MC’Donalds. It has 22621 locations worldwide in 150 countries. Kentucky is the home of Kentucky Fried Chicken. To start a franchise, one must have 500sqft of land and an investment in excess of 50 lakhs.


Peyush Bansal & Amit Chaudary founded Lenskart in 2010 to provide affordable vision for people.

One of India’s fastest-growing companies, Lenskart is an optical prescription eyewear retailer that offers a variety of options. Lenskart’s headquarters is in Faridabad. To be eligible for the franchise, you will need to have a minimum of 300 square feet and a capital investment of 30 Lakhs.


Firstcry, an Indian E-commerce Company based in Pune, is a trusted brand. It was founded in 2010 by Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha. The company focuses on baby products.

Firstcry, a rapidly-growing brand, is a one-stop Outlet store for children and babies with a revenue totaling 897 crores. A franchise requires a 1000 square foot floor and a capital investment of 20 lakhs. Firstcry can be a very profitable business.


A franchise can be viewed as a profit-making business. It is less risky, requires no operating costs, and has a trusted brand name. Franchises have created more jobs and helped to develop the economy.

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