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Unimed Offers Innovative New Solutions For Assessing A Patient’s Oxygenation

Unimed, a leading manufacturer of accessories for patient monitoring (blood pressure, SpO2 sensors, ECG sensors), has introduced a new series of wearable sensors to assess patients better and improve the level of care.

What are SpO2 sensors?

Since the early days of medicine, assessing a patient’s oxygenation has been an important part of diagnosing and treating many conditions. Today, many different types of SpO2 sensors are available that can help healthcare professionals more accurately assess a patient’s oxygenation.

One type of SpO2 sensor is a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeters measure the amount of oxygen in the blood by detecting changes in red blood cells. They usually consist of two sensors placed on opposite sides of the finger. The sensor on the top of the finger measures how much light is absorbed by the blood, while the sensor on the bottom measures how much light is scattered by the blood.

Another type of SpO2 sensor is an earlobe clip sensor, which is placed on the earlobe and uses infrared light to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Why use a patient monitor?

There are many reasons why clinicians may choose to use a patient monitor. The most obvious reason is to track changes in a patient’s oxygenation levels. This information can be critical in assessing the effectiveness of treatments and determining whether a patient’s condition is improving or worsening.

Another reason to use a patient monitor is to detect early signs of respiratory distress. By closely monitoring oxygenation levels, clinicians can often identify when a patient is starting to experience difficulty breathing and take steps to intervene before the situation becomes serious.

Finally, clinicians can also use patient monitors to communicate with each other. By sharing data from the monitor with other care team members, everyone can stay up-to-date on a patient’s condition and ensure that they are providing the best possible care.


Unimed monitors are backed by years of research and development. We offer a wide range of oxygenation sensors so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Here you will certainly find suitable products for your medical institutions!

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