Useful Tips for Opening the PST Files with or without MS Outlook

PST files are an important part of MS Outlook. Many users wish to access the PST files from within MS Outlook. They don’t know how to do it.

We will provide tips and tricks to help you navigate the process. Let’s start without further explanation.

What is the PST Files?

MS Outlook uses PST files (or Personal Storage Table) to store essential data like contacts, calendar events and email messages. The PST files can be used by Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Messaging, for example. When used in the Exchange folder of MS, the PST file format can also be called a personal folder or an offline folder. MS Outlook, the MS Exchange email client that became MS Outlook, is designed so that users can access different mailbox items and generate local archives according to the email folders.

The PST files can be corrupted and are not reliable. MS developers advise users not to use PST files as long-term storage options. Corrupted pstproblem is common and can be fixed using our PST Recovery Tool.

How can you open the PST files?

Many MS Outlook users are not familiar with the steps required to open PST files. We’ll discuss both the manual and professional methods to open PST files.

How can you open PST files in MS Outlook?

If the MS Outlook application is installed on your local drive, you will be able open PST files within MS Outlook. These are the steps to follow.

Start the MS Outlook app.

Select file>> Open & export> Choose Outlook Data Files in the File menu.

Select the file that you wish to open, then click the Open button.

The.pst file is now open.

Professional PST fix tools should be used if the PST files become inaccessible. You won’t be concerned about data loss if there is no problem with your PST files.

How can you open PST files without MS Outlook?

PST Emails must be saved in HTML format and opened via the web browser. As per W3schools, HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. To transfer emails from PST files to an individual who does not have Outlook, you will need to convert the file to a different format. This allows the recipient to access the file without Outlook.

Start the MS Outlook app

Select the appropriate email address.

Select the file

Select the Save as option

Choose HTML for the file format

Save the file

If the PST files you wish to transfer are corrupted or damaged, this process will not be completed. Repairing the PST files in such situations is your only choice. Accessing the PST files with MS Outlook is not a good idea for many reasons.

How can you open PST files in Gmail?

You can open PST files with Outlook but not Outlook. Instead, use Gmail to open PST files using the Google App Migration tool. These are the steps to follow:

Go to the official MS Outlook website and visit the Google Workspace Migration page. After that, you can install the software.

Click on the Continue button to select your Gmail ID.

Click on Allow to grant access to your tool.

Move the MS Outlook profile and the PST files. Click on Next to continue.

Select the data you wish to move. Next, select Migrate from drop-down menu.

This tool will display the current screen state.

Successfully, the migration from PST to Gmail has been completed. Click on the OK button.

You can cross-check the previous procedure by logging into your Gmail account to verify that the PST items were imported correctly.

How can you open the PST files on Mac without Outlook?

Imagine that you need to access the PST files stored on your Apple laptop using MS Outlook. Outlook PST Converter for Mac will convert the file to TXT, HTML, PDF and other file formats. The software allows you to open PST files in various file formats, without any data loss. Follow the instructions carefully.


These are some tips for opening PST files without MS Outlook. Your thoughts? Comment below.

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