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Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module: Advanced Features for EV Charging Solutions

The Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module represents a leap forward in EV charging technology, engineered to meet the evolving demands of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Designed to overcome industry bottlenecks, this module offers exceptional reliability, efficiency, and versatility to enhance the performance of charging stations worldwide.

Key Features of the Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module

The Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module boasts a wide output voltage range of 500~1000VEV, ensuring compatibility with various EV models and charging scenarios. It features ultra-low standby power consumption, minimizing energy waste during idle periods. Operating efficiently across a full-power working temperature range from -40 to 60℃, this module maintains optimal performance in diverse environmental conditions. With a full-load working efficiency of ≥ 95%, they deliver high reliability and efficiency, complemented by a high power factor, compact design, and low noise levels.

Advanced Technological Benefits

Engineered for superior EMC performance, the Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module ensures stable operation without interference. Their wide output voltage range and high power density make it ideal for fast and efficient EV charging, catering to the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. The module’s robust design and comprehensive protection mechanisms include advanced monitoring systems that provide early warnings for abnormal charging conditions, safeguarding both users and vehicles.

Ideal for EV Charging Infrastructure

The Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module is designed for seamless integration into EV charging stations across urban, commercial, and public environments. Their versatility and advanced features contribute to optimizing charging efficiency and reliability, supporting the global transition to electric mobility.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

As a leader in EV charging solutions, Winline remains committed to driving innovation and excellence in sustainable transportation infrastructure. The Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module exemplifies this commitment through its advanced features and robust performance, setting a new standard in EV charging technology.


In conclusion, the Winline NXR1K020H-20kW 1000V EV Charging Module is poised to redefine EV charging solutions with its advanced capabilities and reliability. As Winline continues to innovate, this module stands as a testament to their dedication to enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and user experience of EV charging infrastructure worldwide.

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