24 Billion Cockfighting Match – Worthy of the Classic Cockfighting Match at Thomo

Cockfight 24 billion is an event watched by cockfighting enthusiasts. It attracted a large number of viewers not only because of the drama of the two top fighting cocks but because of the greatest level in history so far. Let’s learn more about the cockfighting match recorded in this history book.
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Detailed information about the 24 billion cockfight taking place at Thomo

Cockfight 24 billion considered the most unique and outstanding event in the history of cockfighting. In this confrontation, two famous masters of the South, Phuc Barca (also known as Phuc Binh Duong) and Mit Tra Cu, faced each other at Thomo – one of the largest and most famous cockfighting venues in Asia. .

The unprecedentedly large bet of 24 billion VND has created a special attraction for this match. Initially, the prize was announced to be 2 billion VND, but after the identities of the two “cockmasters” were revealed, the amount increased to 15 billion VND with the remaining 9 billion being bets from players. This is truly an impressive number, attracting a large number of cockfighting fans to Thomo to watch this historic match.

At Thomo, hundreds of cockfights take place every day but the 24 billion odds match surpasses every other match. Both of these “tycoons” are not only famous for cockfighting but also own unique and expensive motorbike collections, making the confrontation between them especially attractive.

Venue for live cockfighting match worth 24 billion

Where it takes place live 24 billion cockfight – Thomo cockfighting arena has certainly become one of the familiar and indispensable places in the world of cockfighting. Considered a symbol of passion and gathering top cockfighting players, Thomo Cockfighting Arena has left a deep impression in the hearts of fans.

Thomo cockfighting arena is located in a very special location, convenient for both players from Vietnam and neighboring countries. Equipped with modern equipment, the live broadcast system has become a venue for high-quality cockfighting confrontations, attracting a large number of viewers throughout the region.

Who are the two main characters of the 24 billion cockfight?

Cockfight 24 billion is an unprecedented event in the cockfighting world, bringing it into the focus of attention from both fans and the media. The important figures behind this confrontation are associated with the names Phuc Barca and Mit Tra Cu.

Phuc Barca

Phuc Barca, also known as Phuc Binh Duong, is a famous person in the southern cockfighting world. He is not only famous for his excellent cockfighting talent but also for his special hobby of collecting motorbikes. Phuc Barca’s motorbike fleet is considered one of the most expensive and rare collections with a value of up to billions of dong.

In addition to his passion for collecting motorbikes, Phuc Barca is also known as an excellent cockfighting player. He has participated in many major cockfighting tournaments with extremely attractive prizes and always ranked high in these competitions. Not only is he a player, he also owns a large-scale fighting cock farm, equipped with modern equipment and classy premises.

Tra Cu jackfruit

Tra Cu Jackfruit is a formidable opponent of Phuc Barca 24 billion cockfight This. He has gone through a long process of development in the field of cockfighting and is known as one of Phuc Barca’s formidable opponents. He regularly participates in major cockfighting competitions and has won many titles and awards during his cockfighting career.
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In particular, Mit Tra Cu has built a large-scale fighting cockfighting farm with more than 760 barns and modern equipment, showing investment and enthusiasm in pursuing his passion for cockfighting.

Final results of the historic 24 billion cockfight

The result of the 24 billion cockfight has been one of great interest from fans and the media. According to information from unofficial sources, the final result of this match was in favor of Mr. Mit Tra Cu’s green cock. It is said that the god cock he owned played impressively and won in 5 games with a time of more than 2 hours. Epilogue

Cockfight 24 billion with a huge amount of bets, it has highlighted one of the outstanding events in the history of cockfighting at Thomo New88 synthetic. The confrontation between Phuc Barca and Mit Tra Cu has created great expectations and attention from domestic and foreign cockfighting fans.

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