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Knowledge about house odds is the first thing you need to learn when investing money to bet on soccer. This data will be given by experts from online platforms for many matches around the world. Read information from Link Jun88 to begin to understand more about odds in betting.

Initial knowledge about house odds

House odds are understood as the numbers provided on the odds board system in the halls sport of online playgrounds. Bettors will rely on this data to analyze and invest in bets with a high chance of winning attractive matches.

Experts will rely on many factors and analyze match information to make accurate bets. However, each bookmaker will have different data, so you need to compare to find a quality betting address.

Besides, the bet does not stay at one number but continuously changes from time to time. Therefore, if players do not monitor regularly, it will be difficult to understand when is the most appropriate time to make money. You also need to pay close attention to this factor to avoid being lured into the betting trap by the house and causing you to lose a large amount of money.

Take a look at bookmakers’ odds that regularly appear on online platforms

House bets always appear in many different forms on the system. Therefore, players need to immediately remember some of the following to start betting smoothly:

Main bets on all football matches

On the odds table of all football matches the score is displayed Indo odds, Malaysia, Hong Kong,… there are also the following main bets:

  • Handicap: This is a bet where the player predicts the match result based on information about the two teams and the handicap given on the handicap table. The bookmaker will identify one team as the upper team, the other team as the lower team and the handicap index such as ball odds, 0.25, 0.75, 0.5, 1, 2,3,… to balance the performance of both sides.
  • European Handicap: Similar to handicap bets, you will also predict the match result but do not need to depend on any information about the match. Just determine whether the home team wins, draws or loses to place a bet.
  • Over/Under Odds: Analyze information to predict whether the total number of goals the two teams can score in the match will be higher or lower than the bookmaker’s index to choose Over or Under.

The secondary house bet often appears on the odds table

The house always wants to bring more choices to players, so it updates some additional forms as follows:

  • Corner Kick Betting: This is a form that requires relying on the total corner kicks in the match to determine the result. Players will also be able to test their skills with handicaps, Over/Under, 1×2 corners,…
  • Exact score bet: Bettors will have to analyze and predict the exact number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match.
  • Kick off: This is house bet where the player will predict which team will serve first.
  • Penalty card betting: The number of yellow and red penalty cards or the number of points assigned from these cards will be the basis for calculating the result. You will also be able to bet on different types of bets such as goal bets.
  • Odd Even Odds: You will need to predict and bet on whether the total number of goals will be even or odd.
  • Throw-in bet: This is a form of bet that will be based on the number of throw-ins of both teams in the first half or the whole match. However, this type of bet will be very difficult to predict when there are a lot of throw-ins in the match.

Knowledge you need to know when experiencing house betting

In addition to information about popular house bets, you also need to equip yourself with some of the following knowledge to be able to confidently play soccer betting:

When do bookmakers offer bets on a match?

Even if you search Vietnamese bookmaker odds or away matches around the world, you can also view the odds table 4-6 days before the match. For big matches you can find bets about 7 – 10 days in advance.

By following the odds table early, you can analyze information and predict more accurately. This operation even helps you place some difficult bets such as cross bet Easily.

How to recognize fake bets?

Distance between fragrant odds And the odds are very small. If you don’t have experience in recognizing them, it’s easy to make mistakes. According to experts ofJun88 “House trap” bets will often have very high payout rates but the probability of winning is very low.

That’s why if you see it draw bet or any form of betting that suddenly changes both the handicap and the payout, be careful. For any bookie bet with a high reward rate, carefully analyze the match information to get an accurate assessment before placing a bet.

When will the odds table change?

From the time the bet is placed until the time the bet is closed, the data on the table will continuously change. Bettors need to monitor developments to know when to bet at the right time for the highest profit.
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What types of bets do bookies accept?

From the time the bet is placed until the match ends, you can place a bet at any time. Online platforms accept the following types of bets:

  • Early betting: Betting on all types of bets from the time the house makes the odds until the time the bet closes (a few minutes before the match).
  • Shaking bets: These are forms of bets offered by the house while the match is taking place. This house bet usually has a high winning rate but moves quickly so bettors need experience to be able to bet accurately.
  • Combination bet or cross bet: Predict at least 2 types to place money on a bet ticket. This form of betting is highly difficult and players need to bet accurately.

What are Malaysia, Indo, Hong Kong odds?

The concept of payout ratio also makes many bettors wonder and need to be answered. You need to remember some specific forms as follows:

  • Malaysian odds: These are the numbers given to represent the winning or losing odds of each bet. This form will have both positive and negative numbers ranging from -1 to 1 and is only encountered when betting on handicap or Over/Under.
  • Indo odds: The form is somewhat similar to the Malaysian odds when both positive and negative numbers appear. However, the Indo ratio still has a difference: the negative index is always less than -1. Therefore, players will likely lose more than their capital when losing.
  • Hong Kong odds: These are also numbers given to show the odds of winning or losing for each bet. However, this form is completely different when negative numbers do not appear. Therefore, the method of calculating money is also considered simpler than the two ratios above.


The above knowledge about house odds comes from Jun88 will help you play soccer betting. Now learn a lot of betting knowledge to accurately determine the bet that can bring you the highest win.

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