When Should I Apply Concealer and BB Cream?

Makeup regimens can be quite challenging to manage, particularly with regard to the order in which components of the routine are applied. When it comes to applying concealer, one of the most frequent questions that comes up is whether or not BB cream should be used first. To obtain a flawless and natural-looking finish, it is helpful to understand the responsibilities that BB cream and concealer play in your makeup regimen. This will help you achieve the best possible results from your makeup application. In this post, we will delve into the discussion of when and how to use BB cream and concealer successfully to boost your beauty routine. BB cream and concealer are two products that have become increasingly popular in recent years.


The world of cosmetics is vast and intriguing, with a wide variety of items available to choose from in order to accentuate one’s natural beauty. Skin brightening BB cream and concealer are two of these that perform a particularly important role. BB cream, which is an abbreviation for “blemish balm” or “beauty balm,” is a multipurpose product that combines light coverage with beneficial properties for the skin. On the other hand, concealer is applied to the skin in order to hide certain flaws, such as redness, pimples, and dark bags under the eyes. The goal of applying BB cream is to provide a seamless and radiant look, thus the question of whether to use it before or after concealer revolves around this goal.

What You Need to Know About BB Cream and Concealer

Before we go into the specific order of how to apply these products, let’s first go over the individual purposes of BB cream and concealer.

BB Cream:

Because of its ability to perform a variety of functions, BB cream is frequently lauded. It hydrates the skin, shields it from the sun, and gives a light layer of coverage to help the complexion look more even. While it is true that it can assist blur some minor faults, the covering it provides might not be enough to totally disguise certain flaws.


 Concealer is designed to offer more coverage than BB cream because of its unique formulation. Because it is more pigmented and has a thicker consistency, it is an excellent concealer for black spots, under-eye circles, and other areas that require a greater degree of coverage.

Which is first bb cream or concealer

The order in which you apply your concealer and BB cream might have an effect on the end result of your makeup application. There are two common methods: first, putting BB cream before concealer, and second, applying concealer first. Let’s delve deeper into either of these two approaches.

When BB Cream Is Applied Prior to Concealer

The use of BB cream as a first step toward creating an even foundation layer on the skin is recommended. This can act as a blank canvas on which the concealer can work its enchantment. It is possible to achieve a smoother surface that requires less concealer if you begin the process by applying BB cream. Because it avoids thick layers of concealer from seeming cakey, this method is perfect when you are attempting to achieve a more natural appearance because it is ideal.

The Use of Concealer Prior to the Application of BB Cream

On the other hand, applying concealer ahead of BB cream can provide more targeted coverage to certain areas that require further attention. This strategy is especially helpful if you have blemishes or dark circles that are resistant to cover-up and require a substantial amount of concealer. Before applying BB cream to get an overall polished look, you can guarantee that these flaws are effectively concealed by first applying concealer and then following up with the use of BB cream.

Bringing Together Complementary Elements

Blending is essential, regardless of the order of the steps. You may get a flawless look by blending BB cream and concealer into your skin with a makeup sponge or your clean fingertips. Blending not only produces an appearance that is more natural but also eliminates any clear demarcation lines that might exist between the various items.

Prepare Your Face for Longevity with Makeup

After concealer and anti aging bb cream have been applied, you might want to consider adding a translucent setting powder to ensure that everything stays where it should. This step ensures that your makeup won’t crease during the day and helps keep it looking fresh for longer.

Advice to Help Make Your Application Perfect

Prepare Your Skin:

Before applying any cosmetic products, ensure that your skin is well cleansed and well-moisturized.

Color Harmony To achieve a seamless look, you should make sure that the shades of your BB cream and concealer are the same as your skin tone.

Always remember that less is more and to apply your products in very thin layers to avoid creating a heavy and artificial look.

Light From Nature It is important to do your makeup in natural light so that you can get an accurate impression of how it looks.


The question of whether or not bb cream should be used before or after concealer is one that frequently arises in the world of cosmetics. The choice between the two approaches is ultimately determined by the results you are hoping to achieve. Experiment with a variety of methods, take into account the specific requirements of your skin, and keep in mind that the purpose of makeup is to accentuate your inherent beauty.

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