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OKVIP Group For those who don’t know, in soccer betting there is a type of bet called a double chance that brings a much higher chance of winning than usual. For those who are new to this category, playing safely and ensuring that all your capital is not lost is also a much higher priority. In the article below, join us in discovering detailed information surrounding double chance bets!

What is a double chance bet?

Double chance betting, also known as Double Chance, is an attractive form of betting that allows members to place money on two different outcomes including: win, draw, or loss.

If you bet on a win or a draw and the final result is a draw, you will still win the prize money. On the contrary, if you lose that match, you will immediately lose your original stake.

It can be said that double chance bet is one of the optionsHow to get rich from soccer betting and it brings a much higher chance of winning, however because it is easy to win, the amount of money received is not too large.

Matches that use double chance betting

Double Chance is applied to professional, highly competitive football matches. Normally, the performance of the two teams will not have too much difference, common in World Cup, La Liga, and Euro tournaments. Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League,…

Of course, it depends on the different times of the match as well as the large and small scale that the double chance bet is held.

Advantages of choosing double chance betting

  • High chance of winning: Low chance odds bring 66% of wins
  • Reduce the risk of losing bets, without wasting initial capital
  • Provided by many bookmaker addresses to meet the needs of many members
  • Whether you are a newbie or a professional member, you can still participate in effective betting opportunities

Instructions on how to participate in double chance bets in professional football


Because the double claim bet will allow you to bet on 2 out of 3 bets that will happen, what you need to do is split your money. This same action increases your chances of winning:

Players join at OKVIP You can choose cases such as:

  • 1X: Symbolizes the home team’s win and the result is a draw
  • 12: Symbol for home team winning or away team winning
  • X2: Symbol of the away team winning and the result being a draw

Suppose you are participating in an independent football match, the previous team is designated as the home team, we have the following options:

  • 1X bet: At the end, the home team scores a goal, or the score is tied => You win the bet and lose the bet in the opposite case
  • Odds 12: The person betting on this bet will win if the match does not result in a draw. forcing one of the two clubs to win
  • X2 bet: This bet wins when the match ends with a draw, or the away team wins.

To safely participate in double chance bets, it is best for you to look for a professional betting address that will ensure your rights as well as limit virtual bets that lure you. No one wants to play football in a state of constant worry and anxiety about not being able to pay their bets.
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Pick up tips for playing double chance betting extremely well

Although it is said that the double chance bet has a super high chance of winning, it cannot be ignored that you choose the wrong door and do not gain any money. Below are some experiences from experts:

Don’t ignore any information surrounding the match: Tracking all the information surrounding the match is extremely simple, it gives you the most comprehensive and multi-dimensional view of that match’s layout. From there, you will be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each side. Or players can also refer to it for more information soccer tips to be able to make the most accurate choice.

Choosing the safe option is paramount: For football matches with clear performance differences, you should prioritize choosing the safe option, which is the upper team. However, if you want to bet on another team, you also need to be extremely careful, consult more data from experts, etc.

Choose the under bet for the knockout rounds: In the knockout rounds, you should choose the under to win or draw. The competition here is extremely high, the possibility of extra time is high. If you play a double chance under or draw bet, your winning percentage will increase greatly.

Divide the bet amount for both bets. Of course, you can leave it equal or one bet will be higher, the other bet will be lower depending on its ability to win.

Double chance betting is often chosen by betting enthusiasts because of its high winning rate. Hopefully with what we share you can comfortably trust and experience!

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