What’s the ISACA CISA examination?

 Anyone can apply for this certification.

A worldwide standard, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification can be used to assess an IT auditor’s knowledge and skills in assessing vulnerabilities as well as in implementing IT controls within an organisation. CISA courses are also available to help you obtain CISA certification.

ISACA offers this certification to individuals responsible for managing, protecting, and monitoring information technology (IT) and business systems within an organization. After a thorough screening and application process, this certification can only be presented. This resource is for IT auditors, auditor managers, and consultants as well security professionals.

CISA certification is advantageous as it is recognized internationally by businesses. It is required for IT auditing and security information management (SIM) positions. CISA certifications make it easier for recruiters to find qualified candidates for jobs.

The following is a list of primary responsibilities to be fulfilled by a CISA:

Plan to audit information systems (IS) – This plan is based upon risk management.

Planning includes performing audits to assess the management and protection of IT assets.

Audits should be done in accordance to the company’s standards and goals.

Management with audit results-based recommendations and sharing audit data.

Audits should be reexamined to determine if the management followed the recommendations.

CISA’s responsibilities go beyond auditing controls. They will work closely with the management to validate organizational processes and plans for implementation and operation, and to promote the organization’s goals.

How to Get Your Certified Information Systems Auditor Certificate

CISA requires that applicants complete the following five tasks to be certified.

You will receive the certification if you pass the CISA exam.

Submit an application to become CISA certified

Follow the Code of Professional Ethics, as published by ISACA.

ISACA offers continuing professional education programs.

Follow the Information Systems Auditing Standards established by ISACA.

CISA candidates need to have at least five years of experience in information systems auditing, control, and assurance. There are exceptions and substitutions. For one year, you can substitute your experience in auditing and control of information systems.

You can substitute one or two years of experience with 60 to 100 twenty semester credit hours at a university. This equivalents to a degree that is possible in either two or four years. One year of teaching experience in a relevant field can be substituted for one year of university teaching.

Candidats must have worked in the same field for at least ten years before submitting their application. If the applicant has not passed the CISA exam in five years, this requirement applies. Candidats must also comply with ISACA’s Information Systems Auditing Standards and Code of Professional Ethics. Candidates who are able to show that they meet all requirements can apply for certification.

Information about the CISA exam

Anyone interested in information systems auditing, control, security, or auditing can take the Certified Information Systems Auditor exam. The exam is four hours long and contains 150 multiple-choice questions. These exams are organized in accordance with the following job practices.

Governance and management of the acquisition, development, and implementation of information technology systems.

Management of Information Systems and the Continuity of Businesses

Information assets are safe and secure

To pass the exam, you must score at least 450 points out of 800. The scale ranges between 200 and 800. The exam can be taken online or at one of the testing centers around the world. The exam can be taken in English, Chinese Traditional Mandarin or Chinese Simplified Mandarin.

How to prepare for the CISA examination

Study materials are available from the ISACA for exam preparation. Many ISACA chapters offer CISA exam review courses. Individuals who are preparing to take the CISA exam should read the ISACA Review Manual and also practice the concepts through practice exams.

People who work in financial or accounting fields often take CISA exams. It is beneficial to think like an accountant. Test-takers will gain an understanding of the writing style and questions if they approach questions and answers from the perspective of an accountant.

Candidates who pass CISA will be able to apply for the CISA certification. Before applying for the CISA certificate, candidates must have enough work experience.

Internationally recognized as an indicator for excellence in information system auditing, the Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification (CISA) is the Certified Information Systems Auditor certificate. These are the benefits of a CISA certification:

Competitive advantage on the job market and expansion of jobs.

The individual is more important in the context of an organisation.

Accuracy at work is improved because of past work experience and achievement of the test.

Follow the ISACA requirements to help you meet professional standards.

This is proof that the person has the required knowledge, expertise, and qualifications. They can prove that they are able to face challenges head-on, and win.


CISA certification can have a significant impact on a person’s earning potential. Certified Information Systems Auditor professionals make an average of $52,459 to $122,326 annually. The most high-paid position in the company is director of internal auditing. This requires CISA certification. The potential salary for this position is approximately $136,082 per year

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